A Review: Adoramapix Photobook

Over on CM I came across the opportunity to create and review a photo book from Adoramapix.com.  I have used Adorama for various photography equipment needs and in a brief search, had heard good things about Adoramapix’s books, so I thought I’d give them a try.  It was also perfect timing, as I needed to make a book for Stephen’s senior pics!

The book creation process was effortless.  Their software was very easy to use.  My full album of images uploaded quickly and without error.  I liked that there were pre-made layout options and many, many themes to choose from.  Beyond that, each of the layouts were completely customizable.  I’ve used several other companies to make photo books before; this was by far the most efficient, intuitive, and customizable interface I’ve used. Simply perfect!

Once I placed my order, my book arrived within 3 days!  It was amazing.  Have a look-see:

I selected the “Luster”finish for the cover, as opposed to “Glossy” and was honestly surprised to see a pearlized finish on the cover of the book.  I still prefer this finish to glossy and was not disappointed, but suppose I expected a more pure matte finish without the metallic/ pearlized look.  Other than that, I was very happy with the quality of the cover.  It is nicely wrapped and looks exactly like it did on screen.  The color was spot on with my calibrated monitor.

You can see that the image wraps all the way around the edges and the cover is a nice sturdy hard cover.

The book I made was an 8×11 14 page book.  Upon opening the book I found that the first page was actually on the inside cover of the book!  This didn’t necessarily bother me, except that the corners of the first page were lifting a bit and you could see the wrapped edge of the cover all around.
It was the same on the back.  Not necessarily a deal breaker, but definitely not aesthetically pleasing to me!
Some great points-  The book has lay flat pages that actually lay flat!
The pages are thick- about double the thickness of photo paper.
A couple things that I may not have noticed right off the bat had I not been reviewing the book-
Something was sticky between a couple of the pages and tore a tiny spot on both pages it was stuck to.  BUT this pic also shows the nice matte quality of the pages!
And the last page had a rip in the crease of the page, and I feel that it has to do with the lay flat format of this book with the last page being the back cover.
Soooo… overall this book was great, with the exception of the inside covers being pages.  As for the flaws (the sticky spot and the rip) I am very happy to report that Adoramapix was great and reprinted my book and shipped it to me within a few days of me reporting my concerns.  They were GREAT!  Wonderful customer service!! The new book is great.  The inside cover corners lift less that the original, but still have a tiny bit of lift.  That is my only complaint, but it is better than wondering if my pics are going to look to red or too dark- the print quality at Adoramapix was superb!
Thanks for looking!!

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