Letters to Our Sons- A Special Blog Circle Project

This is the beginning of a special project that a group of Clickin’ Moms and I have begun.  We are not the first group to have ever done this- but it is special to us nonetheless.  Each month we will write a letter to our son(s), then link to the next person and so on, until the circle is complete.  Not only will this be a great way to be encouraged to photograph my own boys regularly, it will be a great point of inspiration, and most importantly, a record for my boys to look back on and hopefully cherish.  I hope you reading this will enjoy the project as much as I will.

As I sit here on my 30th birthday, thinking of how I will ever say the right thing in one letter, how I will start the series perfectly so that it leads nicely to the next months’ letters, I’ve decided that things don’t usually go as planned.  Especially when it comes to kids!  So, I’ll do my best with what I’ve got, and hope it all comes together in the end- the way it always does.


I love you.

When Daddy and I first talked about having a family, we knew that we hoped for boys.  I could have never imagined that having you as our first boy would be so perfect.  Though, thinking about it now, its apparent that God made you perfectly for your role in our family.  You are a fantastic big brother to both your little brother and your little sister.  When Levi says that you are his favorite person, I know that it is because you truly are. When Sissy screeches in delight when she sees you , I know it is because you are her favorite too.

Looking back at this month’s pictures of you, I can’t even believe what I grown up boy you have become.  Your little chubby cheeks are gone.  Actually, your chubby everything is gone!  You are tall, and skinny, and strong.  Your legs seem to stretch on and on!  In a small way, I am sad to see you grow, because I loved that little baby you were, but in a bigger way, I am so excited for all you are becoming.

You are such a smart boy.  You are eager to learn and a lover of knowledge.  Three months in to your Kindergarten year and you are writing stories with lots of sentences, stretching out words and being creative!  The teacher in me is so incredibly proud!  Seeing the learning occur in your little mind is more amazing than I ever expected it could be.

You are intense and competitive.  This year you played baseball and soccer.  You, not surprisingly, excelled at both.  I hope as the years go on, you learn leadership, teamwork, and cooperation from playing these sports.  As much as I want you to be a great player, I want these things more.

And you are incredibly sensitive. You are full of love for so many.  Your sweet smile just melts my heart.  At the same time, your temper is just as intense!  I’m sure that being five is hard.  You are able to do more than you are allowed. I promise to try and recognize this as I do my best to teach you how to appropriately respond to that frustration.  I guarantee that I won’t get it right 100% of the time, and you probably won’t either, but I am confident that we know how to grow through this together.  Remember, Bub, that you are my 1st.  I’ve never done this before.  Everything I experience with you, every day, is the first time.  I love you my Lovie Bug.

As these letters evolve as the months go on, I am sure there will be no shortage of things to talk about to you.  I just know that today, having you as my first boy is the best birthday present I could have ever asked for.

Forever and Always,


You make me smile.
If there ever was a boy that loved his Mama, you are him!  Even though you are independent and well adjusted, given the choice, you’ll choose being with me.  I love that.  I love the ten times you ask for “hug and a kiss” when I drop you off at daycare in the morning.  I love the plea for a silly face out the window and the giant hug I get when I come back for you.  I love that you will come over and squeeze my arm and say “I love you, Mama,” and want a kiss for no reason at all. You are pure sweetness.
You have an important role in our family.  A middle brother has a big job.  You have to know how to be a little brother to Caleb and a big brother to Sis, and you do both perfectly!  I love to hear you all play together.  Your laugh is the silliest cackle I have ever heard!  Never in my life could I have imagined a boy as perfect as you.
You make music all the time.  Even though I am constantly asking you to stop drumming, I am thankful for your musical ability.  I love that you sing the silly songs I make up on the way to school.  I love that you remember the words to at least a dozen worship songs and sing them regularly, even without the radio.  I love that you remember all the things that you hear.
I promise that as the years go on, I will keep in mind that you are so sensitive to the things you hear.  Words stick with you and I never want you to remember negative words from me.  I want you to remember me using words that build you up, that direct your paths, that teach you and encourage you.  I love you more than every sweet thing, my Mooser man.
Looking back at this month’s pictures of you, I love that I can see your silliness, your sweetness, your constant inquisitiveness, and your love of relaxing.  You are still my baby boy and I love that I can still squish you.  Not that I will ever stop.
Forever and Always,
You two are the best!
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