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Dear Boys,
This month I am writing to both of you together, about someone you both adore.
Your Daddy.

There he is- perfectly handsome, as always.  Behind those dark shades, he has smiling eyes.  That slightly turned up mouth, fighting back a smile… he knows he is loved and adored.  See those muscles in his arms… they were originally from lifting weights.  Now he just works hard and lifts you boys around and stays just as fit!!

Your Daddy is the BEST Daddy.  I pray that you will grow up and be like him.  I realize that neither of you will be exactly like him, but I know there are parts of you that already remind me of him.  I hope that as we all continue to grow as a family, you will learn all of the wonderful things your Daddy has to teach you.

I hope you learn to love the Lord, to serve your family with joy, to put the needs and wants of your family above your own.  Daddy has never hesitated to wipe a nose, change a diaper, cook a meal, do a load of laundry (or ten!)… things a lot of other Daddies don’t always like to do.  Daddy does these things because he loves me, because he loves you, because he loves our family.  He is simply awesome!

I hope you learn to fix cars, to build anything and everything, to work hard and get your hands dirty.  I know that Daddy can’t wait to teach you everything he knows.

I hope you learn to be funny, silly, active, kind, honest, gentle, strong, and peaceful.  I hope you can be like Daddy and know to your core what you stand for, and stand for it.

Boys, I want you to know, that when Daddy says, “I thought about you all day!” it is the truth.  You boys and your sister are the WORLD to him.  He loves you more than words could ever express. Lucky for you, he tells you… every day.  Never doubt that every decision he makes, he has your interests in mind.

Someday this will all make sense to you, and you’ll understand how hard it was for the Mama with a million words to write this.  It is so hard to put in to words what this man, your Daddy, means to me.  How perfect he is for me.  How every day is better because he’s in it.  How I’d never want to do this life without him.

We are lucky. We are Blessed.

I’m this happy to have him too:)

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