Letters to Our Daughters | January 2013

A couple months ago I started a series of letters for my kids.  You may remember that I was part of a blog circle for my letters to the boys, and that I had posted a first letter to T…

Well… I am so excited to tell you that I had the opportunity to join up with 15 other Clickin’ Moms in a blog circle for Letters to Our Daughters.

The original Letters to Our Daughters project was started by an AMAZINGLY talented circle of CMpros and they were gracious enough to suggest that we branch off of their idea and start our own circle.  If you’d like to check out their touching letters and their gorgeous work, I’d suggest starting with Emma Wood of Emma Wood Photography or Shalonda Chaddock of Chubby Cheek Photography… both amazing photographers!



In a few short days you will be 16 months old!  I cannot believe how time has flown.

I am constantly amazed and in awe of God and the way he works.  I also, at times, question his sense of humor.  You may recall from you last letter that I told you how I was so scared to have a girl.  I worried that I wouldn’t know what to do… well, Auntie Kristin reminded me about this the other day when I was taking a deep breath because you were climbing the walls (not literally…though I wouldn’t be surprised).  She reminded me of my fears and said that God gave me what I wanted… just in a sweet girly package!

You are rough and tumble, girl.  That is for sure.  You are equally as, if not more, active and fearless than your brothers were at your age!  In the last three weeks you have had more accidents than your brothers had at your age, combined!  You burned your fingers after you climbed up somewhere you weren’t supposed to be; climbed out of your crib (safely, thank God!) and came in to my room in the morning, and later that day stepped off a short stool (my attempt to keep you from climbing on HIGH things…fail!) and busted your top lip; two days later, tripped playing with Bub and busted your bottom lip… I REALLY hope the list will stop here!!! PLEASE:)  You are non-stop baby!

Is it because you have two big brothers to keep up with?  Would you have been different if you were the first born?  I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter.  You are wonderful, amazing, and an incredible blessing.  A masterpiece created by an awesome God, made to fit PERFECTLY in our family!

While you do have your toughness, I must say, you have your own share of sweetness, gentleness, and nurturing.  You love to hug and kiss your brothers when they are sad.  You carry your baby dolls around over your shoulder and ‘shush’ them to ‘sleep’.  One of your few words is “Peety” (translation: “pretty!”)- and you usually use it in reference to a doll, your hair, clothes, or shoes.  Oh, shoes… that is another of your words (“oos”).  You love to wear shoes and always bring me a matching pair to put on!  You love to play with puzzles and do them surprisingly well.  Like your brothers, you love to sit and read books,  play trucks and legos too!

I love our quiet time together.  Seems like the only time you slow down is for sweet snuggles before nap and bed, and sometimes in the morning when I beg for a few more minutes of sleep.

I pray often that God will give me the wisdom to raise you to be a respectful and loving girl.  I need to learn how to appropriately channel your sass and spunk into something positive!  You remind me so much of me- opinionated to a fault.  You know what you want and when you want it and are more than determined to make things happen.  I feel, now more than ever in my parenting career, the need to be the best example possible. I want to be a great mom so you will learn to be a great mom. I want to be a loving and respectful wife so you learn to be a loving and respectful wife. I want to be a devoted follower of Christ so you learn to follow Him with all your heart.

We’ve got so much ahead of us, Sis. I can’t say how it will all be, but I can say I’ll love you through every second.

I love you, my girl. You make me the happiest mama in the world!

Love forever,

I’d love it if you would continue through our circle to the next amazing Mama… Christi Kidd | Mama Sparrow Photography | Kennesaw Photographer, and read her precious letter.

  • Emily grapes - Is she crying in that picture or saying ‘YEAH’?
    How’s her hand doing from the light bulb? That girl probably won’t want to touch or change a light bulb again until she’s 30. 😉

  • Carla Duncan - Erin, she is too precious!! Love your letter…so sweet!ReplyCancel

  • MamaSparrow - Beautiful! Nothing like children to humble us nd make us want to be better. Love your heart and your desire to train her up by example.ReplyCancel

  • Bjorna - Really sweet letter! Love the photo of you & her 🙂ReplyCancel

  • cmcateerphotography - I loved your letter and how you explain the experience of having a girl after raising boys. I only have girls so have not lived it but I can imagine the feeling of not knowing what you do. I really love the last photo of the two of you together!ReplyCancel

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