Letters to Our Sons | A perfect pair


Again this month I have considered writing to you separately, but it seems impossible to me.  I hope you won’t mind!  It seems that you two have become quite the pair.  A perfect match, but at times, like oil and water.  You are so close in age that you are able to play wonderfully together, but the ages that you are (almost 4 and 5.5) are so very different that there is a struggle too.

The last three weeks, Mommy has been on vacation from work.  They have been busy weeks for us, but it has been nice to spend more time with you.  I love being able interact with you guys constantly.  To hear your words all day.  To listen to your thoughts, hear the things you think about and how your world plays out in your mind.  You boys amaze me!!!  Though its been lots of fun, its been trying at times for all of us, because our routine is off, there are lots of different things to do, not enough down time, and sometimes too much down time.   We’ve had lots of conversations about playing fairly, using our words, keeping hands to ourselves, and working things out without anger.  (I’m sure you are thinking that I could take a lesson from my own words… I think the same thing, don’t worry!) I’m really not trying to be mean or uptight when I say these things… just trying to avoid busted out teeth (right, Moosie!?!).

I want you boys to grow up to be best friends.  You will always be brothers, no matter what, and I want that fact to bring you both joy.  When it comes down to it, boys, you are both awesome.  You make my heart so happy.  Each of you individually is an incredibly special soul.  Together you are the most amazing pair.  I pray that as you grow, Daddy and I can guide you to be good men who love God, each other, and find joy in showing love and kindness to others.

Did I say that I love you?  Because I do.  You know how much? “Bigger than the moon and bigger than the world.”

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  • Natalie @ MamaTrack - Such sweethearts! And I love that you got in with them! These are awesome.

    Well done, mom! In every way. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Emily grapes - When I grow up, I want to be a mommy like you. Such sweet words to them..and the 2nd picture is adorable. Hope you can always prevent the busted out teeth moments. 😉
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  • Candice - Love this letter. Yep where there are brothers, there is usually a lot of refereeing involved! Sweet letter, and great pictures with their mommy 🙂ReplyCancel

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