Letters to Our Sons | Four

Since it is February, I decided that I’d dedicate this month’s letter to the Moose… since it is his birthday month!  So here it is… and don’t forget to check the link at the bottom, to follow our Letters circle all the way around.
Hey Moosie!
I cannot believe that in just over 2 weeks you will be FOUR years old.  Seems like these have been the fastest four years of my life.  When I think back to four years ago, I remember the anticipation I had and the nervousness I felt about having a second baby in our home.  Would I be able to manage? Could I love you both equally? Would you get enough attention? So many things would be different, but I never could have imagined how different they would be.
You gracefully entered this world late on a Friday night… and our world changed.  You made it different.  You made it better.  You made it wonderfully perfect.  But it was different.
As a baby, and even to this day, you couldn’t be more different than your brother.  You really were my first living example that every baby is different.  The things that worked for Bub didn’t always work for you.  The things that worked for you may have never worked for him. You looked different, you grew different, you needed me different, but I loved you the same.
Thinking about it now, I realize that God gave me you to raise as YOU.  Having you wasn’t having a second baby, it was having a first Levi.  My first second child.  My first boy who would be a little brother AND a big brother. There are so many special things about you.  Your deep brown eyes, your infectious laugh, your sweet soft cheeks… your intense love for Daddy and your need to be close to Mommy.
I am so happy that I get to help shape YOU.  But, goodness, with your big and sensitive heart, it is a big job.  I pray that I can be sensitive to your personality and your emotional needs as you grow.  Being a middle child can be rough, I hear, and I never want you to feel like you are lost in the crowd.  I want you to know that you are awesome.  You are amazing.  You are smart and funny and precious to me and Daddy.  We love you like crazy and look forward to many more birthdays with you.
I love you bigger than the moon and bigger than the world!
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  • CandiceM - Beautiful letter. He is so smiley!ReplyCancel

  • Emily grapes - I love how you said that, “first second child” and first Levi. What a great way of putting it with a second child. They aren’t the same at all, and its a great way of explaining it!!

    i cant’ believe he’ll be 4 either! I still remember when he cried in the corner of the nursery all.morning.long and I couldn’t figure out why! haha He’s becoming quite the big boy!ReplyCancel

  • Lucy baber - Love that sentence…”having a first Levi”. Such a sweet thought to go with such a sweet, smiley boy! 🙂ReplyCancel

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  • Natalie @ MamaTrack - This letter makes me happy. I can feel your love for him. And the pictures are adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Azka - Your letters are so sweet Erin! I can so relate to them. You’ve captured some beautiful natural images!ReplyCancel

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