Letters to Our Daughters | April 2013

Here we are, already in April.  I am so happy to be continuing on with this lovely group of Clickin’ Moms as we write monthly letters to our sweet girls.  This month’s images will look a bit different from me, as I joined in on an “All Instagram April” challenge over on CM and therefore, have only a few images this month from my ‘big’ camera!  I’m sure you’ll enjoy them, nonetheless… after all, the best camera is the one you have with you, right?!
Happy April Sissy Girl!
The weather is warming up and you are taking notice!  You, just like your brothers, LOVE to be outside.  I love being outside with you too, but if you remember any of the other letters you’ll remember that you are quite independent and adventurous… and that makes for a lot of chasing for mommy!  You are so much fun!
I love the age that you are at.  The wonder in your eyes and your growing ability to communicate are so exciting for me. You love to say “Hi” to everyone you meet and can say lots of other things too… Day-doo (thank you), bye, I nah noo (I love you), mo-wah (more), Peeee (please), and wahwer (water) are just a few of the words you have added in the last month or so.

You’ve been battling allergies, asthma, and sinus issues a lot this month… seems to be just a part of living in our dirty Valley… but it doesn’t stop you from being sweet and happy!  I love your cheese face, girl… I just LOVE you!

You are in to everything and really love to figure things out on your own.  This day we hadn’t been home more than ten minutes, and you were already trying to unlock the door to go back outside!  You even pushed the chair up there yourself.  I don’t really mind you being able to pull up a chair and climb- you are a great helper and its fun when you help me with the dishes.  I don’t know if its a boy/girl difference or just your personality, but your brothers never helped with things like that at your age.  I hope its just a sign that you are going to be my little willing helper:)

Again, this picture is soooo you!  Fresh out of the tub, water in hand (your favorite drink), binky in your mouth, and hair in your eyes… ready to go “Ow-ide”!!!

This last picture is nowhere near technical perfection… but its perfect to me.  It shows me how needed I am by you.  How taking a day off to snuggle you when you don’t feel good is worth more than any delayed project at work!  You are so precious to me and I hope you and your brothers know that, even though I am a working mama, there is nothing more important to me than you.
I love you Sis,
Please follow our circle around by clicking over to Catherine Heyres | Catherine Heyres Photography and reading her letter.  I hope you enjoy reading these letters as much as we enjoy writing them!
  • Emily grapes - At least you’re rocking that iPhone! Has she had her first haircut yet?

    I’m sure she loved having you home yesterday to cuddle with. Hope she feels better and better really soon.
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  • Cat - Love your iphone shots this month! My littlest is very sick right now as well. Our poor littles! Hope she is back to her normal self now!ReplyCancel

  • Shellie - I just love the cuddly image! Hope she’s feeling better.ReplyCancel

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