Letters to Our Sons | May 2013

Here I am with another edition of my ‘Letters’… this month is especially exciting on the ‘Sons’ side, as we have added about ten new members to our circle.  If you have followed along, you will notice many new faces.  I am very excited to be part of this circle of INCREDIBLY talented Clickin’Moms!!  I am very excited to read through the circle and learn more about each wonderful mom and her boy(s)- won’t you join me?!
This month, Caleb is featured, with a variety of images that highlight his activities this month!
Hey Bub,
Here we are in the middle of May.  There are 17 school days left in your Kindergarten year and only one more month of you being 5!  My, oh my, how the time has flown.  But I gotta say, I’m looking forward to the slower pace of summer and time to really enjoy one another’s company.
Speaking of Kinder… you have sailed right through.  You have 4 more words to learn to spell and then you have mastered EVERYTHING that you were expected to learn this year.  I hope you always know that school is important.  A good education will take you far… I already know, though, that this is in your heart.  You have a love for school and for learning and it goes beyond paper pencil tasks.  You are an explorer and an inventor, you are an artist and a true creative.  I love this about you and will do my best to always encourage this part of you to grow without limits!
This has been a busy month for us outside of school too.  You and Moose have been playing T-Ball every Tuesday and Thursday, which often makes for evenings of rushing and exhaustion!  I am sorry for that, but I know how much you love to play.  You are fantastic and truly have a knack for sports!  Being a former athlete, this makes my heart sing!  I’ll never force you to play something you don’t want to, but I will encourage you to succeed and grow where your talent lies.  I’m proud of you no matter what!!!
One last exciting part of the month was the building of your very own garden!  You love to help Grandpa in his garden and had been begging Daddy to build one at home.  Being the awesome Daddy that he is, he put aside other projects to spend time building a garden with you one weekend.  You were so excited!! You have been very responsible about it too- remembering to water and checking for weeds!  You are growing so fast, Bub, and I really want to slow the time down, but like these plants, you are beginning to mature and show that fruit and productivity that growing up brings… I love to see the little man you are becoming.

Know, Bubsy, that even though growing up gets tough, you’ll always be my sweet boy… like this picture- rough and dirty on the outside at times, but always full of something beautiful.  You are my sweet boy and I love you more than words.

 Forever and ever,
Please follow this link —–> over to Victorville, CA Senior and Family Photographer | Carleen Cuevas, and read her letter.  She’s new to our group this month, so be sure to leave her some blog love!!!
  • carleencuevasphotography.com - Such a sweet post and beautiful images! I can’t believe in a year I will be writing something similar for my son. Your words were beautiful, what a lucky boy =)ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Astle - I can feel your love and pride through the letter. Wonderful images! He sounds little awesome little boy 🙂ReplyCancel

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