Letters to Our Daughters | June 2013

Another month of our very special project- Letters to Our Daughters.  Be sure to follow the link here, or at the end, to read Gaby Cavalcanti | Seattle/Eastside Lifestyle Photographer‘s letter to her daughter, and follow the blog all around… leaving love as you go!!

Hey Sis!!
This picture sums up your month for me!  WILD:)
Last month I talked about the slower pace of summer… and oh, was I wrong!  You are on the go!  Literally, non-stop.  Your very favorite thing to do is climb. I used to be able to take showers when you were awake and roaming… not anymore. It takes you less than five seconds to push a stool up to the counter and climb on, or up to the sink to ‘wash’, or to the fridge to get a drink!
Even with the wake of messes you leave that requires constant clean-up, I gotta say, you are a fun one!  Your silly personality is really beginning to blossom and you make me laugh all the time!
So, I know we’ve checked independant, strong willed, smart, and cute of the ‘hope for you’ list in the months past, and now, I can say that funny, adventurous, and fun loving won’t be things you are lacking either!
I love you, Sis, and I am so thankful for you and the spot you perfectly fill in our family!!
Forever and always,

Now, if you don’t mind, follow us around to Gaby Cavalcanti | Seattle/Eastside Lifestyle Photographer‘s letter to her daughter!  See you next month!

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