365 | Days 182 – 186

Tonsillectomy, Fireworks, and the Fourth make for one WOW of a week.

  • Linda - Awww how did the little guy do? At least he was in good spirits going into it. Love the fireworks shots too!ReplyCancel

    • erin@erinpasillas.com - He did really well, recovery-wise! He was a real trooper. He did have a week of night terrors as a side effect of the anesthesia… and that was ROUGH. For me:)ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer B - Sounds like a rough week! I love the firework picture! And day 184, gorgeous sky!ReplyCancel

  • Kellie B. - Love the last one! Your kids’ personalities really shine through in your pics 🙂 Glad your son had a good recovery but the night terrors sound awful!ReplyCancel

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